August 25th, 2008


La Musica

I am SO happy :)

I am listening to Voltaire’s album from 2007 Ooky Spooky

I took a lil Voltaire break for three years so I had no idea what he was doing until now. I haven’t listened to the 2006 Maxi CD Zombie Prostitute…” either, so it is all fresh and new to me :) Ooky Spookyalso has a pleasant surprise in it. He has a duet with sweet sweet Amanda Palmer :), the song is called “Stuck With You”. Also the "Zombie Prostitute" song is very good, it has a beautiful Balkan feeling to it.


PLUS, soon he is releasing his 2008 album To The Bottom Of The Sea So I have lots of Voltaire to listen too. Happy Happy Happy :) It looks really MY kind of album. It has all the pirate recipes on and in it. I listened the songs he has uploaded on his myspace :) Well it sounds like Voltaire with an extra pumpa pumpa feeling ;) I’m excited :) I particularly like the goth-nerd offering for this album, the “Death Death” song and of course his Jewish offering for this album “Coin Operatet Goi” :D hehe I like smart people with sense of humor ;)


Pretty huh?


On other musical news, my baby just finished his demo (part one) so soon we will be sending it to companies and this is also good news for me because we will finally find time to work on MY bloody music this fall :) yepiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii