September 2nd, 2008


my nameday

On my name day We went to the Junk Yard with Ronnie’s brother and his brother's girlfriend.

This is where you throw away all dry garbage in different sections. You have “processed wood” , “non processed wood”, “electronics”, “clothes”, “tapes”, “metals”, and so on and so forth.

The guys “worked” hard to sort and throw away their stuff.

I was just … taking pictures ;)




  Then we went to IKEA to buy office two chairs and yet another black carpet. Outside there were ponies.



In the storage area, were you find and load your stuff in huge trolleys (right before the exit), there was a live band playing blues & jazz! It was so beautiful. It made me wanna stay and shop more. I guess that was the idea ey? ;) I have a video too.




In there I got me self a candy from a nice smiley dude...



but I fed it to Ronnie cause I find this candy disgusting ;)



Then we went home and had dinner. I opened up my super wine I got for my nameday and … well I got really tipsy. I fell asleep on the sofa for I don’t know how long when George Clooney woke me up. It was Batman & Robin on TV. I watched a bit and then got up, gathered my pieces and we went to the farewell party at the Svart shop.


Oh it was soo sad. The girls looked kinda sad yet relieved.




Melancholy was all over the atmosphere.



And the music was nice.

Ronnie bought this t-shirt with  the store's logo.


and put it an a baaaaaaaaaaaaaag

Stupid dog wouldn’t stand still to take a decent picture. She was the guardian of the store. Super nice doggy.



The merchandise was slowly disappearing in the night ...



The wine though was TERRIBLE. More than terrible ... It must have been the worst wine ever made in history of wine!!!

It was like drinking piss. Or maybe worst , piss is not that sour, (so I’ve heard.). Plus ... wine in a plastic cup? How more trailer-trash can it get? heh. Bummer because the wine I had home was the nectar of Gods.

The place looked haunted as we were leaving … ghosts passing by it as if it never existed.




Then we took an nice long walk to Slussen were we met with Jonas and Rosana in a magnificent pub called Bishop’s Arms. First tjought: “Why haven’t I been here before?” It is SO beautifu! It is the warmest, prettiest, cosiest, cutest, retro-iest (?) English pub I’ve seen so far. I drunk an nice smoked beer there mmmmmmmm yum yum yum! It washed away the “Svart” wine really nice and left me with a smooth taste in the end. I was actually overwhelmed with the place (and kind of tired, it had been a long day after all) so I completely forgot to take any pictures:(

I took some pictures from our way back though.


Saying goodbye to the couple.


The couple...  or ... Jonas and his demons ;)



 On our way back I saw a hand on the street. It was a metallic little hand just stuck there, with no purpose. Odd.



Then we have a few pictures from the day after.

Drinking morning coffee by the window.

Studying my lyrics.





Closing the window to remove some noise from the room.


Lower the microphone, my neck hurts ...

A good Saturday I say.

And an easy Sunday ...