September 9th, 2008


Iron Man ... and the floating turds


So I watched Iron Man …It was rather craptacular but somewhat entertaining craptacular!!! The transforming robotic parts were REALLY enjoyable!!! The action scenes were fun and not a second did I drift. Robert boy is a rather fine actor and quite fit. But man the story was baaaad. It was all the things I hate about Hollywood, Pretentious “anti-war” when it is really all about war. The All-American part always makes me puke and even though I hate Muslims I don’t like the “good” American, “evil” Muslim scenario, even when they pretend they are trying to have the opposite effect, like there is a deeper meaning in the whole thing. Naivety anoys me and patriotism disgusts me, there is a lot of both going on this movie. Never mind that. I would like Iron Man better if he lived in a made up place and his enemies were also from a made up place, like Batman has Gotham and Superman has Metropolis. Of course you would still be able to see who are the Americans and who the Muslims but at least it wouldn’t be so much in your face and it would create at least the illusion that it is a bit more unbiased. But anyway, if I bypass all that crap. The movie is enjoyable; Especially if you force your brain to downgrade into an 11 year old, not so bright, boy ;)
Yes, it was sort of fun.

(So I am going to make my epilogue a bit longer  than expected,
with this  long parenthesis, because I have to explain something, otherwise I will make no sense in what I'm about to finish with...
Just for the record, I would like to clear that even though I might sound anti-American here, I really am NOT. I really dislike people who are anti-American just because  it is  "in fashion"... So when I say: "I don't like this it is too American" , please note that I am referring to the floating turds.
There is quite a big number of American writers and poets I adore. Intellectuals who have given shape in today’s literature and theatre. There are amazing things coming from that country. In art, literature, science, entertainment. However, and unfortunately, like it always happens anywhere in the world, what has always been on the surface and what always manages to float and be most visible, is big, round, smelly turds. And that is the picture I have drawn in my head for America; A beautiful landscape with breathtaking view and a spectacular lake that is swarming with ... floating turds.)

So, finishing this rather vague review, summing it all up ... In Iron Man you see only floating turds ... but they do give a pretty amazing show ;)


Happy Fall ...

Ah, I cannot wait for Halloween this year.

It is enough with summer now.
Fall is slowly introducing the first chill breezes. It will soon smell like autumn. The days are getting shorter. Darkness awaits around the corner. My warm clothes are dying to come out of the mothballs.

It is so peaceful here. Quiet. Blissful!!!


I’m happy.


Stephen Hawking: Big Bang experiment

Humility before facts!!!

You HAVE to read this article .... HAVE to!!!  => Stephen Hawking: Big Bang experiment

Here is my favorite part  .... I find this extraordinary:

"One of the aims of the LHC is to hunt for the Higgs boson, the so-called "God particle".
The Higgs is said to be the so-far undetected key to mass. If scientists can prove its existence, it could pave the way for manipulating the gravity which exists in all mass  -  rather like Star Trek 'tractor' beams."

Beam me up Stephen!!!