September 15th, 2008

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

“… sacrifice the demands of excellence to the democratic dictatorship of mediocrity.''

Oh so many times I’m thinking of writing a book about it all. Then I think that every asshole is writing a book nowadays.

An acquaintance of mine (ok an old friend), is writing , not one, but two books. He told me: “The Chinese say, that if you haven’t written at least one book in your lifetime you are worth dick”. That is how beautifully he put it. Maybe he read Bukowski or Kerouac and he now thinks it is justified to write vulgarities and be tastelessly graphic.  (Although I highly doubt he knows who those two are but anywaaaaaay. - He sent some paragraphs, from both “books”, for me to read, right? Man, I really have no words to express how hideous those writings were. It was baaaaaaaaaad! Still, he thinks he is writing two “books”. Not one, but two. He is an old (used to be) friend and I don’t want to break his heart. (more like I don't want to bother) But, man, if he knew how ridiculous those writings are, he would rather die than show them to people. It is utter crap. Someone’s farting-s would be much more artistic than his writing-s

So, the point is. I really want to write a book about it all, but I at least have self awareness. I am not a writer.

If you are in for a nice read, go ahead and read this article from The New York Times: CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK