September 27th, 2008


paaaaaaaaarty ... >_

I went to bed at 04:00 and I woke up at 09:00. Since then I’m on the streets buying stuff and carrying my sister’s children around the city. Now I just dropped daddy at the station and I’m home. It is bloody warm outside. Bloody warm weather. I just had another shower and I would very much like to start my Sunday right away. But ALAS, I must attend a party. :s CRAP! I don’t get it. I hate people, why do I let myself dragged into social gatherings, all the bloody time, it’s beyond me.


Reading Dexter ...

Oh, by the way I started reading the Dexter Books :)
We start with Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Really exciting!!!

I'm even reading in the train and in the buss for the first time in my life!!! Yes, I do get dizzy, but it is not as bad as I thought. I thought I would hurl my guts out ...
And I'm reading on the street as I walk home ...
I'm glad I don't live in Paris ... I would step on shit all the time.