November 20th, 2008


I really had to pee ...

Ok, one of the most tragically, vein-slitting, boring subjects when you talk with a friend , is dream descriptions! But I have very intense dreams and I always describe a small bit for my boyfriend. - Never the whole thing, just small parts - He always tells me that my dreams sound as if someone is trying to make a dream up. Well, although I like my writing and I consider myself very creative ... I don’t think I have that great imagination. He says that his dreams are about him going to work or walking down the street. Poor dude! If you ask me I think THIS is weird. Anyway, yesterday I had one of my usual dreams again. Not the most exciting or the most inspired but since Ronnie, again, told me that it sounded engaging; I thought I should start a dream diary. Not online; but an actual note book were I will write my dreams. Since I know how boring it is to describe them to others, I will write them down for me to remember. Who knows, I might be inspired and write a good book one day. (That is most probably David Lynch is doing with his movies)

So if you are just a little curious, (I doubt it)  here is a very brief summary of the latest dream.

Here it goes …




I dreamed I saved a dog from drowning. He was in a cage along with an evil hamster and if the hamster would eat the cheese then the dog would drown. In the same routine I saved a cat, but I don’t remember the cat. The dog was extremely thin. As thin as my wrist. But rather big and LONG for being so thin. And all that was happening in my mother’s old kitchen which was filled with brown, muddy, sea-water and inside it thousands of weird big fish, including sharks, were swimming. Plus the kitchen had no ceiling. It was raining and there was a big storm. I was smoking like crazy, the one cigarette after the other whilst I and my friend Stella was sitting/floating on top of plastic white chairs trying to keep balance not to get into the muddy water with the sharks, while trying to have a relaxing conversation. (that was very close to how I feel in real life when I and her are trying to have a conversation) As we’re struggling with the storm and the unstable chairs and I am holding the very thin dog, lots of traps with mutated rats popping about the scenery.

Mean while I had finally found a job in a nice office that was dark and black like a CSI lab. I was working many hours but I have NO idea what was my job really. I knew I would miss the trolley to work so I would “pedal” there instead. But then, I HAD to pee so I went into a mixed public toilet (which is my worst nightmare next to a falling elevator), with no walls and everybody could see me, including my boss’s partner who was wearing nothing but a small blue bathing suit and was asking me where is David because they had to go swimming. I was peeing in that god awful toilet for about 10 minutes and my legs couldn’t hold my body in that crouching position any longer (since I OFCOURSE refuse to SIT on public toilets brrrr) Then an old sleazebag of a man approached me and asked me why was I peeing for so long? He and his friends were betting on how long it will take me. He was the first to lose so he had to come over and ask me and also tell me that one of these days he is going to take me to the doctor to check it out. Ewwwww! I FREAKED! With that and the feeling that in any moment my legs won’t hold me no longer and I would SIT on a public toilet (worst than DEATH) … I had to wake up. Of course, as you can imagine, I really really REALLY had to pee….





Well I don’t think this was a weird dream at all. It was one of the rather dull ones. (perhaps I should have written about my previous dream were I had a fight with Johnny Depp about 2 pairs of red glasses. I won the lottery with the number 3. And got a visit from Meryl Streep – but this would be in the famous people dreams section;)

Hey most people dream this way. It is just my baby love who is dreaming about nothing. Poor thing…


Ok if you are still reading this, it means you are really REALLY bored, so go check the following video out.

It is totally irrelevant


"I Like putting things in holes..."