December 1st, 2008


The Residents, Bunny Boy … (there was no blood on the bunny … )

If you know the Residents, this entry will be significant. If you don’t know the Residents then you will never really understand the volume of this event and how it took a piece of poetry away from me.

As a tradition, years now, every time I watch the Residents live I manage not to listen to their new record so the experience has always the element of surprise, If I could go to the venue blindfolded I would, I want it always to be  something completely new. And man was I in for a surprise this time.

For maybe 30 years the band has managed to keep its anonymity pretty well hidden and never ever in a concert did they show their faces. And I never tried to find out who they are. That was the magic! That was MY Wizard of Oz. Only in MY journey, I would never see the wizard.

Now the journey is over. I saw the fucking wizard! And he is … “some dude” …

I know now how Dorothy felt! I am crushed! I didn’t want to know! I never wanted to see the Wizard!

Why oh why after all those years? Why?

The show was not breathtaking as it is usually, but it WAS good. After the Wormwood concert I couldn’t speak for 30 minutes and I needed 10 more to fix my make up because they made me CRY from happiness. Bunny Boy was just good, the music was great, of course, they ARE geniuses that way. Some moments were magnificent. But the story … I found the idea interesting, they always have great ideas, but the execution was rather miserable. Also, coming from Greece, the whole vacation on a Greek island thing was not exotic for me at all, except, it was rather nauseating.

With the exception of the very VERY last song on the encore!!! This was when the show started for me! This was the piece that gave me this punch in the stomach and butterflies in my chest … this, my friends, was The Residents!!! But this was when the concert ended … Moreover the fact that HE was wearing NO mask. And I could see his eyes, his nose, his shiny cheeks, his hair … all his human characteristics … I tried not to look at him, I tried to blur him out … but he was there … breathing … with his smelly face … an earthling…


So be prepared for The Bunny boy tour … This time you WILL see the wizard … so . . . Buckle Up Dorothy. Cause' Kansas, is Going Bye-Bye!