February 14th, 2009


My Desert Dishgardens are now ready!

I bought new glitter glue :) It is SO cool!!!! I also bought a LOT more new gravel (mainly black, but also some with glitter and some transparent), black sand (2 sizes) and broken glass. And a new girly tape measure :) So pretty!


Then I fixed the pot with my glitter paintings and then toned it a bit down cause it was TOO Xmas-y.

Then the repotting started.
I moved Hewy, Lewy and Dewy from the long black pot and put in their place the 3 newest superbabies.


Some beautiful close-ups here. I love focus!

Portraits, next day by the window.

Set 1

=>         <=
(Playing with focus again)

Set 2

Set 3

didn’t fit anywhere else so he is nesting alone ;)

Tadaaaa! Dishgardens ready! Family picture.
Smile!!! :D