June 10th, 2009

Heja Sverige

Last weekend: Coraline, red ale, caviar, 3D, Stockholm, Silent Hill ... I love my life ...

Last Sunday morning I went to the movies. It was the first time since I was a kid that I went to the movies on a Sunday and first time since I was a kid I went to the movies on day time.

Long parenthesis number 1

- When I was about 5-7 years old my mom would give me lunch money and she’d drop me off at the local movie theatre at 10:00 in the morning and she’d pick me up at 14:00. She’d do that, almost every Sunday. Ah those were the days!!! I watched The Star Wars trilogy in that theatre and every Disney movie I can think of. Then I started growing up, so by the time I reached 10 both my parents stopped all together giving two shits for my socializing with other children. They probably thought that feeding me and telling me they love me was more than enough. Plus I was far too old to go to the kiddy theatre. But thankfully my father would take me to the movies with him every 3 days and in the summer almost everyday we’d watch 2 or 3 movies in one night and I would watch all sorts of violent movies. Summer movie theatre allowed me to watch masterpieces on a big screen. Although my dad would let me watch anything at home anyway. I was 4 the first time I saw A Clockwork Orange on our black and white TV. And I was 11 when dad took me to “Laura” (one of the summer theatres in our old neighborhood) and we watched Scarface. I still love Scarface I think I’ve seen it 27 times … or I lost count … but A Clockwork Orange I watched again when I was 25 and I was prepared for a masterpiece since I loved it as a  kid but the disappointment was devastating. To this day I can not understand why people think this movie has any value. It is still in my list as the most idiotic pile of  cinematic diarrhea. But well the fact that my dad would take me to the movies like that growing up, gave me the foundation for the love and fascination I developed for cinema.
Plus I have no phobias thanks to all the gore I was exposed to. The view of someone all bloody and beaten to a pulp was like Teletubbies for me in my weekly entertainment growing up.
I may have the social skills of a banana, but man I love the movies!

So dad, thank you for that -

But let’s take things in order. So, last Saturday it was me and Ronnie’s engagement anniversary 669. It was also the Swedish National Day. (one of the days Ronnie let’s me wave my flag). So, we were celebrating the whole weekend. :D

Saturday morning we took this loooooooooong walk. It was a lovely sunny day so we walked to lovely Djurgården and then walk back through one of my favorite neighborhoods in Stockholm. A place I one day would love to buy an apartment. I recently convinced Ronnie too :) He used to hate the idea because all the snobs live there. But I told him this is not an argument because I am a snob yet he lives with me :p

Long parenthesis number 2

- Here I have to add that I wore my new 60s socks I bought from the Vintage Fair the previous weekend. Which was really really nice by the way. I bought these socks, a tie and a pair of shoes :)

I love the socks. Made in
France thank Satan!! It’s rare these days to buy stuff that are not made in China or Czechoslovakia. They match perfectly with my lovely English guard jacket I bought from London 8 years ago.

Lovely. But it is too hot to wear it now. I uploaded a mini album with a few pictures from the fair here: Vintage Fair Album -

We walked slowly and took pictures.

We took a break and bought chockolate muffins from a kiosk. Sat and ate them in a park.

We had to leave quite fast cause a group of fucking children with their fucking parents came and sat beside us in the fucking bench. We walked slowly and stood by the water for a long while. Then we ended up at the “
Taste of Stockholm Festival” where many many restaurants had their kiosks put up at the Kungsträdgården square and chefs from all over cooked their specialties. Oh boy it smelled so nice :) But the thought of eating on a paper plate and drinking disgusting commercial beer in a plastic cup, that looks AND smells like urine, makes my teeth hurt. Only the thought makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Plus it was far too many people there for us. If we’d stay too long there was a good chance I would stick my shoe in someone’s rear.

There is far too many … how should I put it gently … “diversity” (?) in this sort of gatherings (if you know what I mean … wink wink). I drooled over the
Polkagris candy kiosk for awhile but I refrained my self from buying this time. We weren’t in Gränna after all.


Oh and, a nice looking bodyguard had a nice looking tattoo, so I snapped it for my collection ;) But I didn’t want him to see me so it’s not a very good picture. meh

We walked towards the central station where we saw the invasion of the Danes. There was a football game against the Danmark that day you see and Swedes were uber psyched about this game, being the National Day and all.

- We lost by the way :( -

We were getting hungry so we headed home to our super special food that Ronnie prepared the day before. It was this amazing fish-cake-cheese-tart-caviar thingy.

We drunk a little bubbly and played
Silent Hill . Later me made some superb Ale-ccino ...

... and kept on playing till it was time for dinner. We had dinner and some more of the super fishcake and we opened one of the
Chouffe N´Ice, we had in stock since X-mass, and watched MirrorMask, which I really really really liked!!! Very typical Brittish surrealism, with Neil Gaiman’s signature. What more can you ask? It was worth the wait :D And the music was beautiful!!!

Which brings us to the next day.

Sunday morning we went to watch another movie written by lovely Neil Gaiman.

outside the cinema was this monster ... it almost spoke to me ;)

We watched Coraline. And it was a very special show because it was on 3D and it was my very first 3D movie :) I loved it! The movie was extraordinary. I loved loved loved ALL the characters, the atmosphere, the animation, the story and the music was incredible!!! As for the 3D thingy, I have to say that it was very very very impressive , although I think the technology needs some more work. When there was a slow scene and the movement’s where at normal speed everything was great, but when they were running around or when the “camera” would move fast, everything got kind of blurry and it felt as if I had to scratch my eyes. But other than that it was PERFECT. That’s another movie I can watch over and over :) I have to add though that the glasses are atrocious :s

After that we needed a long walk to realize it was still day time and we had the whole day ahead of us. You see we usually go to the movies on the last show and then we go home and sleep so this was a bit surreal. So, we took a long walk back home. We made one stop to vote (yes it was the elections for the European parliament) and we made one more stop at the market to buy apples.

We went home and made apple-pie. It was the second time we made apple-pie and this time we nailed it! It was yummylicious!!! (It still is!! We have no friends or children so we don’t share our food with anyone so it lasts longer lol ……. I’m kidding ... we share our food … … with each other lol)

While the apple-pie was in the oven we had some superb dinner with our favorite American,
Brother Thelonious !!! This beer is a sin!!! It gets better and better every time I taste it!!! So, later we played some more Silent Hill and we got seriously stuck with no health in a hell-hole, so we called it a day. We made some really strong, really black coffee to serve with our delicious apple-pie, and we watched the last 2 episodes, ever, of Reaper :( I am really going to miss the Devil, and the gay Demons, and the hot Demon chick :( Sniff sniff! Asshole network executives!!! I was gonna say that I will miss Tyler Labine but I know he is already on board for another series, so he will be around. And I am sure his part will be quite similar. It always is. Remember Invasion? Yep. The same. But the dialogues and the jokes are what I’m gonna miss the most :( And of course, my absolute favorite Ray Wise !!!
Stupid stupid networks :(

Well that was a great great weekend :) I gained a pound with all the eating and the applepies and stuff but what the hey, it was worth it.

We have the perfect weather for videogames. So this last week we are playing Silent Hill 5 : Homecoming everyday.

I don’t know why people complain. Ok it is not as orgasmic as the first 3 and it is not as spooky as 4, but it is good. It has some dull moments, long walks with no enemy in sight, but that builds up the suspense. I give it 7 out of 10 so far ( I am half way in the story). It is very entertaining and as I said, perfect for this weather :D!

See you later …