July 13th, 2009


Long post again. Blender, Watchmen, Jesse James etc. ...


I am so happy these days. My baby has vacation so we are out all the time :) Taking long walks, playing games, making music, watching movies :)

I am in a piraty mood as of late (yeah, as if I was ever out of the piraty mood ….) 

I started collecting all the piratey movies I can think of in order to have a marathon Pirate Movie Evening on my name day (it is in august) Yes I celebrate my nameday;) What is there not to celebrate?! I have a glorious name :p (But I have to start thinking of a new last name since it won’t be long when I will pledge allegiance to the flag of the
Sweden. :p) So, any suggestions?

We got a new blender at home. New Blender in the House means lots of smothies and milkshakes!!! LOTS of milkshakes I tell ya!!!!

Here my friend Jonas claimed his milkshake (which contained a few grams of Ardbeg Uigeadail whisky in it :p)


Me boughts new shades, Was meeting sis for lunch a dark cloudy day and on my way back the sun came out and bleached me soul he did! So, me boughtz the first shades I saw on the H&M on my way home. They are horrendous. But they cover me totally. I can even avoid people now … not …

Yes I love my 50s moods. Because when you’re having a bad hair day you can always change decade ;)
Like so ...



I have watched 27 films the last 2 weeks. Out of which I’d like to comment only on 4 (!!! I know!!!)


1) I FINALLY watched Watchmen. Hmmm well I didn’t hate it … but I’ll have to get back to you on that because I fell asleep in the last 50 minutes or so … so I have no idea really what happened. I woke up the last 30 seconds. I loved the 50s parts though. But only for the atmosphere, the design, the photography and the costumes. Other than that  …. Well it is obvious I got bored …. But I have to watch the end to form a complete opinion. All the actors were very bad though. I was surprised with Patrick Wilson. He is one of the gratest young actors right now, yet in this one he sucked. Well I can not complain for the naked scene though … Ahem … (drool drool)


Drooling on … eeerm I mean moving on to the next movie …


2) The Assassination of Jesse James I’ve been waiting sometime to watch this. I wasn’t in the mood for a couple of years now. But I finally watched it and I am so glad! I loved it. It was a visual poem. We all know the story so it was very refreshing seeing what they did with it. Andrew Dominik is a very promising young director. The photograph shooting of J.J.’s dead body was incredible. I have seen all these pictures and they always seemed so unreal. After this, they became very real. Makes you wonder. What a horrible creature man is ey?!

Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck were really great but the star in this film for me is Sam Rockwell!!! What an actor! He made me so much believe he was experiencing fear that I shivered!!! Towards the end I felt my palms sweating … he was so convincing. I wish they’d recognize his exelence and give him a chance to show his full potential. If I wasn’t such a Johnny Depp freak I would say that he should have been chosen fo the part of  John Dillinger in Public Enemies! What an actor!!!


3) I watched Chasseurs de dragons (2008) aka "Dragon Hunters" I watched the one dubbed in English. Yeah I know, shame on me but first of all it was a great dub with very good actors and then the bloody subtitles in the French version were flying by and I was missing the whole movie :( And in animated films like that you need to pay full attention because every frame is a work of art. It was really beautiful :) I loved the whole suspending world idea. It is based on a French tv series I think so I’d like to look more into it.



4) I watched The Haunting in Connecticut. Entertaining moody dark horror lil flick. Nothing more.

I reminded me a lot of Darkness. Another dark gloomy horror flick. Although Darkness was a bit more poetic and had a few more better actors ;)



And 3 comments on television …





1) FINALY "True Blood"  started, so TV is fun again :) I love the new episodes so far!!!!! LOVE!!!!!


2) Nowdays we are watching TheTwilight Zone, the original series from 1959. We “found” the first season from the remastered DVD. We can’t seem to “find” the rest 4 seasons but there are 36 episodes only in season 1 so we have time till it’s over. 36!! I wish True Blood and Dexter had 36 episodes per season!!! Ohhhhhhh the circles around the eeeeeeeeyes!


3) And also, "Eureka" started again … although it was confusing since I thought it was going to be season 4 but instead it is the continuation of season 3??? How can they continue a season after almost a whole year break?

Ah well.

What matters is that it is back and we geeks lovez its we do ;)


Ok now I’m off to watch a sappy chick flick. Coco Chanel  (2008) Shut up! It is going to be marvelous!!! Although I admit I am more psyched to watch the 2009 version
Coco avant Chanel with Audrey Tautou playing Coco.

But hey, I don’t have this one now do I?