August 26th, 2009


this and that and pretty shoes ...

Crazy busy week.

* Visited job “searching office”.

*Went to the Hospital twice.

*Met friend, did shopping for 6 hours. We even went to IKEA.

*Met another friend in her new flat. Hmm a balcony is not a bad idea in the summer. Maybe :)

*Went running. I’m out of breath faster than usually :s I guess I’m out of shape.

*Went to the doctor and she told me I am healthy as a horse. I was just paranoid. She also said, while examining me, that my …. ehm … “bajingo” ehem … is beautiful!!!! Well that’s nice!

*My mom sounds still very “up” so we are not comfortable with the whole thing yet.

*Fucking Greeks in the fucking Greek embassy STILL can’t use the new equipment for the new bloody passports so I still can’t move forward with my citizenship papers. USELESS! The are ALL bloody useless!!!

*Went running again and on my way I realized my mp3 player was out of batteries. Oh LORD how boring it is to run with no music. Apart from some moments when I listened to the birdies, it generally made me very tired. They say it is better to run with no music in order to control your rhythm and listen to your stepping. I say not! I aint doing THAT again.

*Appointment with job coach tomorrow.

*I bought me some nice clothes yesterday I did ;)

*Made a cheesecake. Awesome!!!

* Appointment with sister today. She really wants to eat Sushi …. EEEEWWWWW!!!

*I want to buy me some shoes. But now the shoe market sucks balls. They started selling those old ladle’s shoes again ….. brrrr. How can people walk on flat shoes? They look disgusting. YUK!

*I usually hate fashion and all new fashion crazes. I think it is imbecilic and moronic. But today I saw these shoes and fell in love


Me wants some o that! Me likes :)

Although I would make this lil white bit, on the edge of the heel, black; because like this it looks like she stepped on a chewing gum




Ok off to the sushiland.