August 28th, 2009


THIS is technology!!! Sewing with your eyes closed!!!

What would I be without the second hand stores and the Red Cross?

I tell you what I would be. I would be naked!!! Naked as an earthworm. And barefoot!

I have bought 4 new skirts 2 new sweaters, 1 shirt and 5 meters of crushed velvet for just 200kr (that is: 19euro or 17pounds or 28USDollars)
Now if only I had a normal size sewing machine to alter all those things I would bee happy.
That “toy” my father bought for my sister from some telemarketer some years ago is very bad. It does not go “back” it has only one “stitch row”, it has no light, and it is very very small. So small that in order to “turn” you have to “cut”, turn, and start all over again. (people with no sewing skills don’t understand shit now so never mind, read further) Moreover, there is something wrong with the “thread labyrinth” because the thread gets cut all the bloody time. Well, it is good maybe for socks and or tiny tiny baby clothes. Or maybe accessories. I managed to sew a pair of curtains on that thing though, and Ronnie managed to sew a medieval velvet hood with a tail and a medieval robe. (he amazes me with his skills I tell you) However, if you see the thing, you will not believe that ANYTHING has ever been sewn with it.

My father bought this thing being delusional that my sister will patch her kids’ clothes. This man is so weird. He knows nothing about his children. My sister is utterly useless with things like that. Plus she HATES doing things with her hands. She prefers to give orders and be the organizer you know. My mom tried to show my sister how to do simple things with the machine and I was laughing, because the whole time my sister was looking away drifting in her own thoughts saying mechanically: “mhm, yes yes, mhm, uhu, you don’t say”. So, of course, I borrowed the “toy” once 6 years ago. And my sister never asked about it ever again. Now I will try make my dad buy something useful for a change and to the right person. I want THIS sewing machine:

Brother’s Quattro 6000D Sewing Machine

It is ugly as hell but IT is a masterpiece!!!!


“ … Brother’s Quattro <input ... >6000D <input ... >sewing machine has a 4.5 x 7 inch Sharp High Definition LCD display on the right side. The main purpose of the LCD is to enable zooming or close-up observation on the needle point and see clearly what you are sewing. Well, it’s all thanks to the small camera on the right side of the needle! Well, that Brother’s “InnovEye” and “Up-Close Viewer” technology that places a camera right next to the needle to give the user a birds-eye view on the LCD to allow perfect placement before stitching…”

Are you fucking kidding me?????


Yeah yeah, OK, it is not as pretty as these here:


These are works of art man!!!

But in the end I vote for technology!!!

Did you read what Brother’s Quattro 6000D Sewing Machine DOES????


I am sure it can also give you an orgasm ladies!!!


Now, who do I have to kill?