December 22nd, 2009




Oh give me a break … I’ve got to take my dad to the hospital …

He thinks he broke his rib 6 days ago … SIX fucking DAYS ago … and NOW he thinks it is an emergency!!!

I have better things to do that chase his imaginary pain …

This man goes to the doctor just by sneezing … I am SO annoyed … I have shitloads of things to do and now I have to spend who knows how many hours it the emergency room, only to be laughed at  in the end … I am sure he has just a bruise

Am I like the worst daughter ever?

Well it would mean I am best at something ….

The first worst daughter award …

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen


17:30 We got winner … or … a whiner

He went through two and a half hours of tests. 3 tests 2 nurses and a doctor.

Inner bruising probably … there is no visible bruising.

He got some heavy painkillers; although he could go through it with some aspirin.

I on the other hand am probably ill. (I didn’t say anything though, I couldn’t stand the conflict). I have slight fever and my lungs feel as if they are filled with led. As if I have been smoking. :s

Now I have to fix the last minute presents … same procedure like every year.

Ah well … the autopsy will tell …


18:00 Ate mozzarella pizza.

Saw the cutest girl ever.


19:23 My feet refuse to get warm …

Blood pressure is down to 85 – 65


I am going to play Sims 3




I smile when I look outside my window … everything is fluffy and white :)