January 22nd, 2010


re-writing again ...

Eating roasted sugared almonds and drinking tea (The Vasa Blend - I’m sure there is cactus in it – yummy) with honey. Trying to rewrite a story I wrote back 1993. Only now I need to translate it because back then I wrtote it in Greek. There are so many papers and notebooks I have to put together before I start actually writing it again. It is worse than my jigsaw puzzle I have (which by the way isn’t going ANYWERE … It is a week now and we have only managed to put the frame together and 10 pieces in the middle)  I have even written some pages on chocolate wrappings … WITH chocolate smudges on. Not the best thing when trying to detach a 17 year old chocolate smudge from an old supermarket  receipt, without tearing any of them apart, trying to read what the fuck is that word between them!!! “Prot … protogynous, peptogenous, Polymnia, preposterous??” it makes no sense … “His eyes were … preposterous?” It must be something else ….. What was the poet trying to say, it’s a mystery!? Why the hell was I writing on anything I’d find?? Was I so fucking poor? Couldn’t I have a little notebook with me? I HAD to write on gum wrapping paper and receipts!!! The worst though are those on toilet paper and eyeliner.

On the other hand … I now carry around the note book everywhere I go and 8 out of 10 times I come back empty. So I guess I had more to say, more often back then … now my inspiration has kinda poooofed away. Or pooped.

When I finish translating and putting things together, I am going to do a little revising and then I am going to need an editor. Preferably someone who will do it for free? Interested?

I am poor what do you want?

I’m willing to share the rights for the movie though ;)

Share …. You know 70 – 30!

I think it’s fair :p

It should happen soon though ….

Johnny Depp isn’t getting any younger and my “Charles!” requires to be played by Johnny and only Johnny.

Garry Oldman sadly missed the boat but Johnny can still make it.


Yeah ... and then I woke up and smelled the coffee ….


I’m off.


I have some chocolate smudges to scrub off of my Charles …