February 5th, 2010


“Beer Wars!!!” Educate yourself! Don’t be a Zombie!

Beer Wars

An interesting documentary that made me so angry.

Not that I didn’t know that Big corporations suck. But man it is so sad and infuriating how they manipulate people.


At the same time it gave me a lot of hope because there are hundreds of microbreweries out there, doing their own thing. Making some of the world’s finest Ales.


Let’s get this straight I NEVER drink this mass produced thing that tastes like recycled urine. Before I was introduced to the world of real taste I thought I didn’t like beer because whatever I’ve tasted was less than horrible.

I could never fall into the trap … “ah well if I can’t get anything better” But especially after I realized that it is not that I don’t like beer … I just don’t like the frizzed urine they sell for beer. I NEVER even LOOK at this shit. And I encourage people to do the same.

I mean after you’ve tasted ambrosia why would you want to eat shit again? Because this is what all these beers taste like. And they make you believe that they are so different from each other. I mean when people tell me that Heineken is better than Amstel or vice versa, it makes me laugh because they taste EXACTLY the same. SHIT!!!!

This documentary is an eye opener for the Johnny six pack but also for the living. Well yes. Whoever says they like beer and they drink that CRAP they are nothing but Zombies. Exactly like the people who sell this shit to them. Corporate Zombies.

Now wait a minute. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against money and capitalism. What bothers me is the zombification of it all.

And one thing made me FURIOUS Did you know, that big companies make “fake” good beer. I mean, they put in a bottle for example Budweiser and then they slap on a really elaborate cool looking label (like the ones you see on microbreweries) and fool people that this is not a corporate mass produced shit but a cool new thing. Some they call them ecological or “organic”. And then they take their spot in the supermarket exactly beside the actual GOOD beer and the curious consumer who has no knowledge of beer but wants to taste something new takes a walk on the “weird beer section” sees, let’s say, the Halloween  beer with the cool lil picture on the bottle that costs 4 dollars and then the real one that looks very similar but costs 8 dollars and he thinks “hmm ok this is new I will try the cheap one” And he goes home and tastes it and it tastes like shit, so he dismisses it and never actually try the real thing.

THAT makes me foaming at the mouth. In the documentary there is this Corporate Zombie who is responsible for the “fake” good beer. And seriously … he looked as if he JUST had his lobotomy!!! What is it with people and money? Why do they all look like zombies?

That documentary alarmed me a bit.

Although I got happy to see that some breweries like Dogfish Head and Stone are getting bigger at the same time I got worried. Because all those guys who own those great microbreweries are SO young!!! And, young people have enthusiasm and dignity and spark. Then, the money comes. And age. And then, something happens to people when they are spoiled with money … they turn into zombies.

And then, ok, let’s say I don’t care about them. I care about what they produce. I care about what they are trying to sell me. I care about quality. I don’t care what you are or who you are, as long as what you are selling me makes me a little happier, makes me a little better. And I do not consume just because it’s fast , easy and it comes in a pretty package.

I mean this dude from the big corporation (Anheuser-Busch to be exact, the zombies who make Budweiser and such) … who completely expressionless and motionless without blinking and with a monotonous voice said: “The fun part is that I get to taste all this beer” Well if he would have said: “I like to watch paint dry” It would be the exact same thing. I bet this man had hopes and dreams once. I bet this man once had a soul. But, money happened to him and he turned into “that”


I encourage people to refuse to drink piss.

Even if it’s hard to find a decent beer in your country, your region. Make an effort. Do not eat and drink whatever chewed crap they try to feed you. And I do not say that in a “hippie”, “new age”, “let’s save the planet” manner. No. I like capitalism and money. But I also like quality in things I eat, drink wear. And the simple truth is that mass produced beer, no matter how brainwashed you are, is nothing but BAD BAD BAD quality of piss!!!

So, resist. Boycott them. And educate your friends about good quality drinks.

Do not drink Corona, Amstel, Heineken, Budweiser or any of this crap. And don’t get me started on the LIGHT beers. It is SO sad that women fall for this “low on calories beer” crap. It is a LIE people!!! The only thing low about these abominations is the taste. Low on calories, low on quality, low on taste and you need a really low IQ to drink it too.


The corporate zombies are always out to get you. You as a brewer, you as a consumer.

Don’t let them.



Watch this documentary. It has some slow sentimental sappy parts that I could do without but it is very interesting and educational.

Who knows. It might wake you up.