February 11th, 2010


Since Tuseday ...

So I’ve been puzzling and watching movies and then I thought, damn I need to cut my hair, so I did. (my bangs mainly and a little all around) And then I thought hmmm I need to go to the second hand store in my neighborhood to look for tulle. Instead I bought something green.

Then I came home.

All normal.

Around 12:00 at night I felt somewhat sick. Didn’t pay attention. Around 01:00 I really felt sick. I went to bed.  I had to throw up. But I hold it. I haven’t been sick like this since 2000 when I got food poisoning. So I hold it … until 06:30 in the morning … then, I couldn’t take it any longer. Oh it was terrible. And all I could think of was “How lucky I cut my bangs so short. Otherwise there would be vomit allover it” (Ah well at least I’m practical ey?) So, I thought food poisoning. But next morning I woke up with a 39 degrees fever  (102 F) Apparently it’s a virus that contains extreme weakness, fever and vomiting. Thank Auntie Mame I didn’t throw up again but I was in bed with high fever all bloody day long yesterday. I didn’t let Ronnie sleep in our bed because I really do not want to give him this virus, it’s dreadful.
So, I lay in bed with my laptop watching videos with kittens on youtube.
Then I felt a bit better and watched
Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Then felt crap again.
Fell asleep with the curtains wide open.
Woke up a couple of times.
Looked at the sky. Pretty white snowy sky in the middle of the night.

I hate being ill.

This morning I woke up with no fever but I feel exhausted. As if the last 24 hours have been a foggy nightmare were I've been digging graves in some desert in Texas.


Did I really buy something green?

I don’t have the strength to go look in my shopping bags that still lay in the corridor since the day before yesterday.

My whole body aches.


Right now I am listening to a  Cole Porter collection and it makes me want to get up get dressed and start dancing but all I can do is move my fingers on the keyboard. Singing low “Let’s Misbehave”, dreaming of good looking times; and good looking people; when once upon a time, men used to dress nice! Thank Lucille my man is decent in that department. I can’t stand looking at all those hairy, filthy, oily, long lair, bearded, lice fest, blobs of humans posing as men.
Rumbling much?

I want a gramophone. Ah I was born on the wrong time … the wrong place … Let me see … 1900 in New York. So I would be in my 20s in the 20s.

Ah well … I’m off to watch yet another movie. There is nothing else I can do right now.

Here is a lil music ...