February 17th, 2010


Evgeni Plushenko! My baby is back!

Ah! My baby is back!

My Russian delight! My ice king! My dream on ice! My Evgeni!!!

I stayed up late just to see him live :) (on the Winter Olympics 2010 competition)
So, I just saw him live on his short program!
Ah! The MASTER!!! It was pretty much like the European program. Perfect!
My darling is back after 4 years of absence. He warmed up with the European championship with yet another gold and now he is nailing the Winter Olympics.

Ah! I am SO GLAD he is back. It's been so long since last I enjoyed figure skating.
The last four years have been like watching paint dry in the figure scatting world. Sadly there is NO other like
Evgeni. But he still proves that when the king is on ice ... all the others just ...well .. freeze! ;)

Ah, here is a little taste from the king's programs.

Link 1 to:

Evgeni PLUSHENKO European Championship 2010 SP (short program)

(the following video might not play here so in that case use the link)
Evgeni Plushenko EC-2010 free program

Link 2  to:

Evgeni Plushenko Free Program 2010 European Championships (full program plus final results)

Well the gold was his from the moment he just looked at the ice ;)

Long live the king!!!


Dear diary …

This I copied from my “regular diary”. Yes the one you don’t get to see ;)

It is something I wrote not long ago …

I just  had the same feeling today … for someone else …

So I thought … why try something different? It is the same feeling. Different decade, different person, but hell, same feeling …


“We used to talk.

Back way when; we used to talk.

We used to share.

I used to like you and you used to like my jokes.

We used to share common interest in the misery of others.

We used to dream the same, think the same. Hell, we even smelled the same.

We had the same dreams and we somehow fulfilled parts of them.

We never got close enough yet we were always … close enough.

We used to talk.

We used to be comfortable around each other. But never too comfortable; we liked it this way.

We used to cry on each other’s shoulder when things went downhill. We used to find others too insignificant. We used to joke about it.

We used to walk together for hours.

We used to find dark places to climb, crawl, hide and share a drink under the moonlight.

We used to talk.

We used to be friends.

Now ...
I have no idea where you are; what you‘re up to; If you’re lonely, happy, sad, successful or miserable.

Now, we share no common ground.

Now we don’t even talk anymore.

Hell, we’d probably wouldn’t even like each other anymore if we’d meet today.

I guess I was always the romantic one. Who knew?

I thought … that no matter what , we would always be around each other.

But, I guess you got tired of being lonely  ... and I got tired of waiting.

We used to be friends.

I guess that is why people get pets.

They …  never change.”



Alexandra N.S.