February 19th, 2010


Class 2 blizzard? Pheh ... small change.

Tomorrow the country is declared in a semi emergency state. They say there is going to be a “Class 2” blizzard; whatever that means. I mean, with Class 5 being the obliteration of human kind, 2 is not that bad now is it? So, authorities  advise people to stay home  …  Like HELL I will!!! I am planning to go out and take pictures of the snowstorm, the chaos, the splendor!

Some alcoholics hopefully will get buried under a mountain of snow and never come back and never pee the streets …  ever again. Speaking of … it would be interesting to find one frozen in the snow. I wonder what I would do first, take pictures, or call the police … or just ignore it … Or take pictures and then ignore it …  Yeah last option seems more likely. I wonder if that is illegal. Taking pictures of frozen dead alcoholics. Is it? It must be huh? That means I won’t be posting them here :p
So yes I am going out in the blizzard tomorrow and I am hopping for some good pictures. (Dead alcoholics or not.)



By the by, today Ronnie and I are celebrating :)

 It is our 7 years and 7 months anniversary.  Ronnie is cooking something DE licious!!! And we are popping some really good beer open (I haven’t decided which one yet) and the show goes on … I gotta go get dressed :)