March 22nd, 2010


blah blah

I managed to book appointments with 5 different people this week.

This week of all weeks. How am I going to manage? First of all I have some baby-sitting to do (mother-sitting actually. My sister and her annoying family are going skiing again). And then I am going to the theatre the same day we are tasting chocolates and going to the vintage spring fair. On top of that I am restricted to my island (Stockholm is built on a series of islands), because we ordered a new stove. And it may arrive any day now.

Yeah, it was about time, the one we have now broke last August. Well we didn’t buy the stove we really wanted though, because it came in 230v and we have 400v in the building. That sucks because it was such a beautiful oven. It was all black and it was called retro :( Boohoohoo!

Instead of that, we bought a silver and black one, same brand, but not nearly as pretty as Retro :( I deeply hate silver appliances but we didn’t find a nice black one that we could afford. Well, apart from the Retro one that it was not compatible with the building’s voltage. Boohoo again :(

 Anyway, it is a new oven with self cleaning and steam and some other useless bells and whistles stuff and apparently the designer of these ovens is the designer of Ferrari. Only that I find hilarious! Plus In the new apartment we will buy a black one since everything will be black ;) Now we have the unavoidable shades of fucking silver, but it is not as horrendous as I thought it would be.



I’m going to watch CSI now.

I started watching recently. I have been saving the season until last week.
It started really good.

aaaand out.