April 19th, 2010


In Memoriam - Evi 15 May 1973 - 19 April 2003

As long as there are people to remember … people never die …

My darling Evi left seven years ago.

Every year I write this letter to her and let her presence consume me for one day. The letter is not a work of poetry. It is just a letter I would write to my friend if she had move to the mountains and decided to live inside of a tree forever, but she’d allow me to send her one letter every year.

I know she’d love it here. So I take her with me, to my favorite places, and I read my letter to her. Then I drink with her and listen to her favorite songs. Then I try to remember her laughter. And when I do, I smile again, and let her go.

I hope, all you out there who knew her, or were once her friend, are thinking of her today and celebrate that beautiful creature Evi was!

Here is a video I made for her some time ago.

And this is my letter:



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