August 14th, 2010




29C (feel like 35C) 65% humidity!!! I am dying.

4 showers so far and it is not even 18:00 yet !!! This is insane!!!

And do not gimmie no shit about Greek weather, African, Nigerian or Kuala fucking Lumpurian ...
I never tolerated these temperatures. I am fainting and straight to the hospital on +33C

Most people are probably cold in 0C Well I am NOT.
Maybe I have some weird disease or something … I don’t know and I don’t care ….
THIS weather TODAY kills my will for life, my libido, and all my inspiration!!!

One of the reasons I moved to
Scandinavia is to never have to experience temperature over +15C But NOOOOOOOO Summer in Sweden MUST reach +30C EVERY year!!!
Irony is, EVERYONE on the street is complaining that it is TOO hot! But then in the winter they are fucking complaining it is too cold!!! Go figure!!!! That is why people like cheese here … lots of whining yearround ….

No one is laughing I see … whining ... ? No?



Yeah thick …

God damn it Chris. You should have been here NOW. We would go swimming in the lake along with all the naked ladies ;)

Ah … next year yeah?

I’m off to my bloody fifth shower ….

And nag my boyfriends ears off :p