September 14th, 2010


A post is always better with pictures :)


New Puzzle.

Well until I find Yorik The Nobleman one day; this will do for now.


New Console.

... now do you see what is missing from this picture?
I tell ya ...
a Wii ... that is what is missing ;)

The **** device. (*** if you know you know ... if you don't ... well you don't belong with the geek crowd :p)

And the "fixer" ...

Well why fight?

Have both;)


Two more books :)

He better start writing like hell cause I am running out of Neil Gaiman

Fragile Things and Coraline

And New Shoes :)  (
only three pairs, but it'll do for now:) )

I actually bought these two last month.
The left one is not so pretty but really comfy

And a big Thanks to my friend Anthi for her lovely package:)

These are very special.

I’ll make sure I buy a special pair of stockings with backseam at the Vintage Festival this month.


I am a lil ill today so I am staying in ... let's see where were we? Ah yeah ... Museums with my friend Chris ... coming up: The Museum of Natural History :D