December 14th, 2010


Scary Lucia, elves and catchildren ... or something like that!

Ah Lucia was perfect yesterday!!!

All the kids were SO bloody talented. Even the small small small ones that were not allowed to carry real candles. I have to say this was the most talented most extraordinary, most unique Lucia I have ever seen. She had a voice of a bloody angel!!! She sang Ave Maria like no one can (yes, better than  Maria Callas) and I fucking cried!!! Nevertheless, I MUST say that her looks freaked me out.  - And I must stretch that  I do not freak out easily! I had my eyes closed and was thinking of a bloody scene from Scarface in slow motion while she was singing Ave Maria… get the picture?  - But this girls face …. Her face man. Her face. She looked like the mask of Michael Myers on Halloween. And get this, in the very end, all the wax from the candles on her head, started running on her FACE!!!!! She had HOT wax running on her forehead down her eyes, cheeks, mouth, chin and neck …. And she was smiling trying to breathe from her mouth, chocking on the wax. THEN she looked EXACLTY like a fucking HORROR movie!!! This was in the end when people where applauding so she didn’t suffer long. Now look, Lucia is supposed to be beautiful, angelic and blond with hair as golden as the sun. But,  I wouldn’t change this Lucia for any other gorgeous creature! Her voice was SO beautiful that under her fat double chin and her plastic surgery-elephant man- Michael Myers looks … to me she was Galadriel!

Speaking of which, on the boys quire there was a boy with the longest, blondest, straightest hair! He was standing behind the blondest most angelic girl and as I was looking at them all dressed in white. Her with the silver halo-like crown on her hair and him with the green hair-wreath. And thought to myself: “this is what elves look like!”

The boys leading voice was this cute manga-looking, white-like-aspirin, shoulder length dyed black hair, thick bespectacled boy that made me think: this is what an elf gone manga looks like"

The little girls were heartbreakingly cute. And you know how I loath children so coming from me it really means something. One of them was scratching herself with her fake candle while spinning around unable to stand still … it was really funny, she looked terribly bored, yet she was very dedicated to her singing and she was singing SO good!

But of course, again, my favorite angel was the bespectacled little girl. The one with the bige red glasess and the not so very well combed crazy straight blond hair. The one who was not singing as well as the others but looked very much into it!

Now that made me think: “ If hell would freeze over and I wanted a child, I would want one of those. But I would want it to start as a 7 year old. Well behaved and trained.  No diseases, no lice, and well bred”. Then I realized I was thinking of a talking cat again and left the hazy crazy idea alone ;)

My mother really really enjoyed herself! She looooved it! And that made me enjoy it even more :D

If you ever happen to be in Sweden on the 13th of December, go to a Church, any Church, and buy a ticket for their Lucia concert. You will have a very beautiful experience!

I know I do!

Every year!
Here is an example of the perfect Lucia :)