December 20th, 2010


Leaving the market ... christmas trees and snowy streets ... in pictures :)

Pwetty door and tree combo in various angles


I HAVE to say it:

"It's so fluffy I'm gonna DIE"

I have no idea why … but I really like this picture … there is nothing special about it … it is dominated mostly by unsightly cars … but for some reason it gives me a feeling of … tranquility …
Boy I AM a city girl!

Christmas Trees …

(playing with the camera filters here ... I kinda like the greenness in this one)

Pretty maybe … but, I am SO against getting a real tree!
You can say what you want, I still find it banal and oh so distasteful!!!
My sister gets a huge VULGAR tree every year.
It is always enormous and looks just like a standing corpse!!!

Aaaaaaaaaand candyman …

Moving on …

Next post is another video with some freaky family singing Christmas Carols :D


family singing Christmas Carols video

Stupid photobucket is not allowing HD uploads gggggggrrrrrr

A lil video with a familly singing christmas carols in the Old Town.
After I saw it here I proved to myself one ore time … boy I really do not like people … I am doing the best I can to film this lovely moment but I just cant stop filming the sky, the street lights or my shoes … ;)

It’s like this everywhere nowadays though :)

I love Christmas Carolers :D


However … family Christmas carolers freak the begonias out of me! They make me think that they are in some sort of cult.

Ah well always finding the worst in people … that’s me ;)

They where singing very lovely though!
I LOVE this song :D

I stayed and listened for a couple of songs :)

Eh, it’s is a nice video with the exception of the Mongo calling for stupid Sarah!


and ...

Who’s this Dork?

next post ... the accidental video at the market :)
Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

Fourth and final Advent yesterday the accidental video with the king ...

So, the accidental video at the Christmas market yesterday …
Now this video I had no idea I was filming for the first 5 seconds … then I thought “oh no I am filming ... what does that button do?” .. then I thought … “wait a minute … no … I am not filming …” then I was trying the light and focus … and then I realized “Crap I AM  filming! Shit I am filming my feet" lol

But unintentionally there is this lovely song in the background that made me think of my lovely Konstandina :D So I decided to upload it :D
If you are watching this baby, it’s dedicated to yooooou :D

Oh yes I almost forgot …

Fourth and final Advent yesterday!

Last candle lit!

It is now done.

(so … where IS he? Is he here? Someone tell him to wear socks it is snowy outside :p)