December 22nd, 2010


Gifts I'm preparin' ...

"Gifts I'm preparin'
For some Christmas sharin'
But I pause because
Hangin' my stockin'
I can hear a knockin'
'Zat you, Santa Claus
... "

I baked some more orange-slices to make the place smell all orange and cinnamony.
I put on an endless list of classic Christmas songs from the 20s until the 50s nothing later.
I put on my red Spiderman socks, my brand new (and one and only) red 50s top, my red shiny horns
( I have red horns yes).
I made some red tea and I wrapped some of my presents for the boyfriend :D

Now under my black tree there are 7 black presents :D

Lovely …

Now I think I am going to watch some horror movie :D

Don’t know what yet … something with ghosts preferably … to remain in the Christmas spirit  …

Ah …

One love …