December 27th, 2010


The last Christmas pictures part I (Christmas Eve)

So as you already know, in Sweden we celebrate everything on the Eve of things . So Christmas Eve is the actual celebration of Christmas. Christmas day is the hangover day;)

So moving along with the pictures … blah blah blah The annual Christmas dinner at my sister’s

Mamma’s Greek Christmas sweets (only the Greeks like them)

Mamma and I

The women of my family and I

My crazy Swedish Family and I (blurry I know :( ... no time to set the camera)

Santa an I.
like every year (same spot)

Santa’s beard this year was something like a spider would throw up …
We opened the presents for 3\4 hours (like every year).
Later in the night we eat gröt (rice pudding)
We make it totally sugarless so if one wants sugar they put in their plate. I don’t. I just put cinnamon.It's good for the stomach after all this food booze and coffee :)
And a little meditating.

Then we played some games.
And last, our annual puzzle :D

Until 02:00

Then I took my legs when to the bus stop and waited 10 minutes for the night buss in -12° C  (10.39° Fahrenheit) IT did not feel that cold and I was only wearing my dress and my coat. No layers at all like I usually do. My coat is bloody damn warm though ;)

This is the only picture I took of the outside. It’s from my sister’s living room looking at the neighbor’s :D

It looks like it’s made of sugar!
Like every winter


Ah well … that was Christmas White and pretty!

(And sad ... without father)


The last Christmas pictures. Part II (Christmas Day)

Mmmmm good morning Christmas day :D

Spiderman and I had to go peek at the black prezies under the Black Tree :D

Ratty the Really Scary Rat is guarding the Black Christmas ... like every year ...

That was my favorite part … the boyfriend and I opened our black presents,, drunk our black coffee and ate our black candy …

Some pictures of some of the prezies here :D

Food for thought :D After I finish off Neil Gaiman and everything he’s ever published (which is soon … half a book away actually) I will go for Mr. Terry’s Carpet People

Weeeeeeeeee!!!! MY new dragon Laaamp :D

That is
The Magnetic cube that has driven us insane …

(Some info and funky videos about it here.)

Apuzzle I found in the last minute :D

Aaaaaaand this is the STAR of this year.
Mr. Yorick the Nobleman!!!! :D

Sent directly from the North Pole where Santa Chris Manson lives ;)

(at least in HIS heart it IS the North Pole :D)

We thank you SO much Mr. Santa C.M.!!!

Not only because we wanted it for SOOOO long
(2 years almost O_O)

But also because this masterpiece, made in Italy HIGH quality puzzle, It is the BEST crafted puzzle I have EVER seen in my life!!!!

Well I will write all about it in another (dorky)post!!!!!

"Th-th-th-that's all folks!"

I had a lovely time and I am going to be having a really good time with my presents until the end of winter I’m sure :)

Black kisses everyone!!!!!


Arrogant suits me best!

Listening to The Waterboys after many years. I forgot how much I like them …  The Pan Within is still one of the most dreamy songs ever written …

Apart from Amy Winehouse … I can’t really think another artist after the 90s that has something to say … Not that there are many from the 90s that have much to show for … The legends all died in the 80s in some strange way … And Amy has talent but not much depth … it’s all about her drugs and booze and boyfriends. But her ability to sing forgives a lot of trash …. Lyric wise … I can’t think of anybody apart from Voltaire who is actually very amusing  … but then again he is mostly a comedian …. And his music is dreamy and pretty but very simple and repetitive … Don’t get me wrong I really like Voltaire … I think he is ADORABLE!!! I find him funny, very talented musician, romantic and not shallow at all … but I wouldn’t call him deep either … and he wouldn’t go on my “Dostoyevsky” shelf if you know what I mean … Okay let’s put it another way, he is not on the same shelf with Rozz Williams! Are you with me? Okay, so listening to The Waterboys… makes me think …. Whatever happened to bands like Virgin Prunes, Christian Death, Cockney Rebel

Am I so old?

Well, not really. These bands were at their peak before my time anyway. So I was always listening to those dead or dying …

When I was a kid I loved to listen to my grandfather's favorite radio station with songs from the 20s and 30s

Then in the 90s as a teen I'd listen only to bands from the 70s and 80s.
I have listened to all this old shit ENOUGH times they are a part of me.

And I listen to all this again and again and I love it ... but they only give me a lovely feeling of deep … nostalgia. Follow?

 So, If I want to listen or read something NEW and meaningful … I can only read MY lyrics!!!

Arrogant huh?

Perhaps ...

But better arrogant than brainwashed and settled with garbage for the masses! I am not naming names because I will offend some here … and I don’t feel very bitchy to do that today:) Yes better arrogant than falling for the copycats … or the “VERY inspired” by the same people and recycled poetry of the fucking mediocre …


Yeah, arrogant fit s me better.

Arrogant suits me best!

Now turn off the garbage you're polluting the air with and enjoy some quality ...


See you around town …