January 19th, 2011


meh ...

"You Fucking People Make Me Sick ..."
"You make me fuckin' sick to my stomach. Every time I think of you, I puke"

Yeah, take your pick.
A "wigga" from Detroit  ... or a "washed up, used to be, could have been, has been, loser" with a grudge.

Swans are DEAD motherfucker!
Get fucking OVER it!!!!!

On another note ... I took up knitting ....


Dear diary.

Dear diary. I am tired. I'm tired of beeing sad all the time ... And I am SO sleepy! I haven't slept since 1987 ... @_@
Ah well ... moving on ...

Here are the spoils of these past 3 days ...
Some beer some wine and some ... whatever ...

bloody heaven!!!

one more elvis, one more cline and the pumpkin is going strong ...

when your boyfriend see you like this and still thinks you're pretty ... then he really thinks you're pretty :p

my American housewife outfit :p No you have no idea ... it is really funny!

some nail graffiti (yes I am THIS bored)

aaaaand ... some pictures of me. Yeah because there aren't enough of those here ;)

yes yes I know ... roots ... I'm running out of dye you see ...
and yes, apart from crooked teeth I am also a little cross eyed ;p

(sometimes more than others)

indeed ...