January 20th, 2011



There are some things one can develop a love hate relationship with. Svagdricka is one of those things. Like I with many things, such as, saffron, snaps, whiskey, Swedish hot cheese pie with ice cream and raspberry jam,  raspberry jam, salt liquorish, people, the Japanese, people, sushi, people, dried fruit, Family Guy, Keanu reeves, summer, alcohol-Infused Bonbons  ... well many more that I can not think of right now, and svagdricka .
If one describes it it sounds HORRIBLE and you really do not want to taste it. But so far, almost everyone of my guests, friends, acquaintances, who've accepted my offer,  they all say: well not that bad really ...

It is something like ... how should I say this? Imagine a cheap low alcohol beer, mixed with pepsi cola (ofcourse I say pepsi because it is sweeter and it's crap).
Yet, I must say, it is quite the beverage.
And besides ... I love this bottle ...

So, I cannot sleep ... again ... of course ... so ... cheers ...

Ewwww ... yum...? ... Ewwww .... mmm yum? .... eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww ...... YUM?
meh ...

redheads united

I've been invited to yet another red heads group so I am uploading pictures of my hair like there is no tomorrow.
And ... man ... I could not help it ... I HAD to post this one. It is bloody hilarious muhahaha :p

This only thing that is missing from this picture is a cigarette!


I am crazy restless and  always want to multi task. Specially when I am watching movies. By the end of everything I watch I look like an insane hairdresser attached me, because my hands automatically want to do stuff ...
So I FINALLY took up knitting ... but I have a feeling that all my creations are going to look like something the cat dragged in ...

It is getting bigger and bigger ... I counted 18 points when I started and it is 26 now!!! What the HELL am I doing wrong? HELP!!!!