February 15th, 2011


If you don't like where you are, CHANGE IT... You’re not a TREE.

I've had just about enough of people complaining and complaining but do nothing to change their life! They just complain .... And they tell me how lucky I am ....
Bitch I am not lucky!!! I chose to move on!
Can you believe the nerve some people have!?
It had nothing to do with luck you floozy. I MOVED!

And here goes this great saying:

If you don't like where you are, CHANGE IT... You are not a TREE!

Nobody planted you were you are now.
Stop nagging about shit and get the hell out of there ...

I got annoyed now ... I'm off to have another piece of my delicious cheesecake mmmmm


I am queer yes I am ...

Well I knew it! I knew that deep down I am just a gay dude! No ... a screaming crazy queer queen!!!
I just watched Burlesque. Well the story sucks old folk balls, but the music and the dancing and the clothes and the make up and the hair ... mmm ... make my inner drag queen SHRIEK orgasmic-al-y-ly!!!
(now If only Miss Christina would lay off the vibratos ... that would be grand!!! )

I fucking LOVE Cher
! I just love her!!!

Oh Shut up! What do you know?