February 21st, 2011


Dear diary, "It is Gothic vomit!"

I have a hangover the size of Texas.
On Saturday Ronnie and I went to a dinner party/band rehearsal/drink fest. I had a good time, ate really good food, drunk good beer, good wine and in the end I got badly drunk. Well I am a happy drunk, that's the only good thing about it. Because the day after ... is a bitch from hell.
I never thought I would lose control drinking out of my limits ever again in my life. How the hell did that happen??? I got so drunk that on the way home we had to wait a good 10 minutes for the bus in -20 ºC !!!  (-4 ºF) and I did NOT feel cold. Ronnie was shaking like a fish and I was half asleep sitting on a bench. I then understood how it happens and people fall asleep on the street and die from the cold ... they don't feel nothing. Yesterday I woke up drunk, threw up 3 times and though I was gonna die. I started eating a pizza at 16:00 and finished it at 21:30. No sudden moves.
At  22:00 we went to sleep. Today I woke up at 07:00 because I am going to go to Systembolaget (the liquor store) and stand on a line waiting to open, in order to buy this baby: Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout
However, I don't think I will taste it anytime soon.
It feels like my blood is been poisoned ... I'm gonna stick to Soda for a while.

Note to self:
When you eat beetroots, if you throw up after you have them digested it looks like you are throwing up blood!! Do not be alarmed. As my friend Jonas said: "It is Gothic vomit!"

I might put up some pictures soon. (not of my vomit ... of the party)

Over and out ...