February 22nd, 2011


Waiting in a line at 09:50 in the morning to buy ... a beer of course ;)

So yesterday at 09:50, Jonas and I were outside Systembolaget (the liquor store) waiting for it to open. There was a line of maybe 20-25 people before us and in the 10 minutes we waited, the line got more than double.
The object of our desire, miss
Bourbon County Brand Vanilla Stout!!! An American Double Imperial Stout 150kr per bottle (23 USD - 17 Euro)
The nice people of the S.B. put a limit to 6 bottles per person since there were only 140 something bottles only and if everyone bought as much as they wanted then only a handful of people from the from line would manage to get some. So about 140 bottles disappeared in ... oh ... about EIGHT minutes!!!!!

Most people waiting in the line were shyly giggling. We all knew how dorky this was. But man, only us dorks will enjoy this rare beauty!!! So eat my shorts!