February 26th, 2011


Reading a shoe half a size smaller ...

I never thought it would be so so tough changing from one author to another.
After a whole year reading only Neil Gaimman (with a break or two reading Swedish authors) , a couple of days ago I started reading Terry Pratchett. I must say, in the ten
Neil Gaimman books I've read, I found NO unknown words. ZERO! Pinpointing on the fact that Mr. Gaimmanis a maestro on blabbering away and just adding words even when it is completely unnecessary (my opinion). Starting my first Terry Pratchett book, on the first two pages already, I found two unknown words! I could not concentrate after this. My self esteem was down the shitter. I thought that even though I can't speak or write PERFECT English, at least I could understand 97%. Now all of a sudden I feel I dropped down to 75% which is a disgrace (my opinion).  So the fact I had TWO unknown words, plus his writing style is so different, made it even harder to concentrate. I think I've read the intro 4 times already.
However this is not my very first encounter with Sir
Pratchett's work. Good Omens (the book co written by N.Gaiman and T. Pratchett) was the book I read first when I wanted to decide whose bibliography I wanted to read first. It was clear to me it had to be Mr. Gaiman. I could tell that Pratchett would be a little frustrating. 
- Almost like Simone de Beauvoir but not exactly. There is no comparison really. It is just a feeling I get from those, very different authors. -

So, to make a long story longer, after reading one author for a long time it feels really tough changing to another. It is like trying to wear a shoe half a size smaller. It fits, but not really.

So,I started with The Carpet People. I decided this would be the best to start with  Sir  Pratchett's work because it is something he wrote when he was 17 and rewrote twenty something years later. 
It is almost like two authors but not really ...

What was the point of all this?
Well I guess I miss Neil!!!!!

He needs to stop blogging and start writing a new novel...

I guess I will adjust to Mr Pratchett and hopefully will want to read everything he ever written ...

Reading authors who are still alive is something completely new to me. Since all my favorite authors are dead and buried before or within the 19th century.

It gives me a strange feeling of ... hope.

I'm not sure what for.

Still ... it's a strange pleasant feeling of ....... more.



In a couple of hours I shall eat dinner with the boyfriend and his family at a restaurant .... I am so hungry now though ... What to do what to do .....
I KNOW!!!! Valentine's chocolate!!!!!