March 6th, 2011


Writer's Block: Dear LiveJournal

How long have you been on Livejournal? What major life changes has LiveJournal witnessed?

Since 2003

* I moved to Sweden the prior summer.

* Lost a dear friend to cancer.

* Got together with the love of my life & moved in with him.

* Cut my really long black hair and dyed it red (yes it was a pretty big deal, my father did not recognize me)

* Got through two of my mother's manic attacks for the first time from over the phone.

*My sister finally "understood" me after she was forced to go to Greece and for the first time see our mother ill and realized what I went through all my teenage years.

* I lost several friends to "apathy"

* Went to Greece to pick up my mom and moved her whole life here in Sweden with me.

* Reunited with my best friend from childhood.

* Went to Greece again next summer to pick up my dying father.

* Lost my father to cancer after a 7 month battle.


bye bye pumpkin ...

 So the pumpkin lasted for exactly 5 months.
A small shadow appeared the day before yesterday and before you know it it was a big black bruise.

But, quite impressively, It lasted through Halloween and Christmas and I was almost sure it would make it through Easter.
Well well. Bye bye pumpkin baby.
I got sentimental with this particular one. I was planing to take it to my father's grave ... but never made it ...


my red clown shoes

Yes my black and red obsession led me to buy colored shoes;)
I found these, walking funny clown shoes, on the Red Cross store in the beginning of autumn.
I thought they would be my "spring walking down by the water shoes"
I took them out for a spin but they are not ready to face the world yet.

plus, I haven't had shoes with Velcro since I was 11. It feels funny.


some more pictures from the road ...

Some more pictures from the train.
It is a challenge taking pictures from a moving train.

So much so that I ended up in the wrong area. Took the wrong train to begin with, but I forgot to change were I was supposed to ...

The unknown station

I had to wait there a good 10 minutes ...

Aaaaaand on the road again :D

Really pretty place. I shall explore in the spring hopefully with my bike :D


A taste of Russia ...

Yesterday there was something Russian going on in Medborgarplatsen. No idea what. There was singing and dancing and little Russian children dancing and singing really sad songs. It might have something to do with the Carnival?  We do not celebrate this here but maybe they do.

What is it with the eastern Europeans and the 80s haircut?
Poor boys, they all look like they are stuck in the bloody 80s
OR ...their hair cannot grow another way .... it might be genetic!

Interesting outfit!

Pretty lil Russian child!


Their bus

Now I hope they ARE Russians and I am not mixing them up ... They sounded Russian at least.

Pretty dogs in the crowd

Inventive kid who really wants to see the dancing

By the way, the boyfriend will travel to Russia in May with the band .

27.05.11 - Ekaterinburg

28.05.11 - Moscow

29.05.11 - Rostov-on-Don

Apart from Moscow the other places are completely unknown to me :s

To anyone who is interested there is a link, but it is in Russian and I don't understand shit.
But I guess that if one is in Russia they most probably speak Russian.