March 16th, 2011


Painting with light,no flush,take one.

Thanks to Daniel and Samantha I learnt something something about painting with light.
Now this is only a test with me lying in bed holding the camera with one hand and a flashlight with the other. The camera is too heavy to hold so it all gets rather awkward. But I had to give it a test wile I was preparing my tea ;)

painting with light
no flush
using flashlight
take one


A travel in time. Travel to the 1950s!

I'm not sure how am I going to keep on posting my pictures after I have seen Vivian Maier's work. It's kind of embarrassing.

Of course, if you think 1950s, plus Chicago, then what you are thinking is every photographer's Valhalla!
Every photographer's Heaven!!! Every photographer's wet dream!!!
Everything was interesting and beautiful at that time. The clothes the wonderful cars the buildings. Just people's clothes were a work of art alone! Now, you add to that a driven photographer like Vivian Maier taking pictures constantly, you add black and white, you add the noise of the old camera.  And voila, you got yourself a masterpiece!!!
By saying all that, I am absolutely not trying to belittle her work of course
Just the fact that she could "see" all those "feelings" (if one could see feelings), all those unspoken conversations, in one scene, in one moment. And capture it forever ... that to me is magic!!!

I am copying a few pictures here from John Maloof's Collection - to whom we owe eternal gratitude for discovering and introducing this wonderful woman to the world!!! And hopefully for a book and a documentary about her in the future -
So I post these pictures here just to motivate the lazy of you to go see her pictures at
John Maloof's Collection. You are one click away from a wonderful time travel!!!
And if you are a lucky son of a gun and you are in Chicago, you get your lucky legs and go to her exhibition! You still got time until the 3 of April!
Chicago Cultural Center, 78 East Washington Street

And if you do. Tell me all about it!!! Make me jealous!!!

I don't know why but my heart skipped a beat when I saw this picture ...
It looks so familiar ... as if I've been there ... like a distant forgotten memory ...

the amish years

tea time

I just LOVE red tea!
Lately I've been drinking Rooibos Champagne but yesterday I bought Rooibos Caramel and it is magnificent!!! It smells like really high quality pipe tobacco!

I wish you could smell that!