March 17th, 2011


Dear diary...

Yesterday we went to the theatre. We saw our friend Jonas sweating, huffing and puffing! He is a very good stage actor and I did forget I know him. I liked that :D
The play was very entertaining.
Also, I gotta say this man is strong! This play required a lot of lifting!
And I tell you, you can see people fighting in slow motion on stage! I loved that part :D

The whole thing reminded me that it has already been a whole year since last time I saw a play. Of course I had a shitty year so the last thing on my mind was this. But now I have to make up for the lost time. The moment the boyfriend returns from his mini tour, I'm booking tickets :D

No I did not bring my camera with. I should have brought the small camera just o take some pictures of the environment though hrmfff
I always get inspired on how to decorate my flat when I'm at the theatre
Of course I do! It is always all black and some red hehe

But until we move to a bigger place, nothing is painted nothing.

I always find a way to twist and turn a subject into painting stuff black ...


Happy Saint Patrick's Day all you goblins out there!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day all you goblins out there!!!!

I know it feels rather late, but my friends on the other side of the world, who actually celebrate this day, are kind of starting their day now.

So I celebrate by bringing out all the greens out in my flat to say hello.
And keeping in mind that this is the house of Goths .... I got a lot of green ;)

You know I hate editing pictures but yeah this is the only picture that is kind of edited ... just added a lil green. Even though I have a "green filter" in my camera, I didn't think of it at the time, so instead of taking the picture again I decided to go against my principle and edit. Just an exception for the day ;)

So okay I didn't finish St Paddy's scarf on  time ... it'll do though ;)