March 22nd, 2011

running t-shirt

run ...

So it is this time of the year then.
I am bringing out my running t-shirt, my running shoes and off for the first run of the year :D
the gothabilly years

Run ... Spring is here baby!

So I had a great run today :)
I did good for the first day after almost 11 months of absence. 28 minutes.
I so wanted to run half an hour more. But my body was falling apart and I could feel my brain swelling in my scull.
So instead of forcing myself to run, I forced myself to stop.
Ah it was soooo nice!!!

And yes ladies and gentlemen. The spring is definitely here! And it is here to stay!!! Even if it snows again, the spring is here. I didn't "smell" it yet, as it usually happens. No, but I felt it. It was all around me. Smiling happy people running :D
I Smile no matter the weather. I am a happy go lucky goth (usually). Well, unless someone has died or it is over 25 degrees Celsius. Then my smile sort of melts with the temperature.
Regardless, I like seeing happy healthy people running in spring.
And although I've said it before, I'll say it again. How come only hot people run? It is murder out there!!! Women with bodies to die for run in front of me, make me crazy. And hot men. Yes! But the men always run like they have a stick on fire up their ass so there is not much time to admire their hotness. The ladies run more gracefully. They give me a will to run more; So that one day I will acquire an ass as graceful and as tight as theirs ;)