March 28th, 2011

the Horror years

My lovely weekend :) - Sacred. Music. Food.

So I had a great weekend!
Friday I met my friend Samantha and we took a long walk to
Djurgårn with the intention to have a little coffee and cakes outdoors (and take pictures) But since it was sunny and spring-y the previous days, it just HAD to be ass-cold THAT day and start snowing the moment we got outside!!! No matter, we took the tram back to the city and headed back to my place and had a nice indoors coffee and "cakes" (which was not cakes, it was only the tastiest buns ever! And she just made them that morning! I tell you this girl has secret powers)
Then she left and I went o a couple of stores and just handed my CV. Let's see how that works out.

Saturday Ronnie cooked a great meal, inspired by Samantha's Moroccan dinner :D And we had Jonas over.
At 20:30 we turned off all the lights for the "
earth hour" But I managed to keep them off until 02:00 :D ( I know it makes not much difference but to me it is more symbolic) Ronnie and Jonas played with their guitars and I made some noise with a really bad bongo. Then I put it away and just enjoyed looking at my dudes playing music :D There was a moment of sadness when I thought of father. He loved Ronnie and he loved the fact he was a musician and nights like this were nights to remember for father. I wished he was there. I wished we had more nights like that one together.
We drunk an insane good porter.
Mooi & Meedogenloos!!! Ooooo BABY!!!!  It was mind-blowing. Goddamn the Dutch are good! Cocoa, candy, sugar coffee, roasted bitter-sweet blackness!!! And it was so young!!! Imagine how great it's gonna be when it matures a bit!! Oh brother!!!

Sunday the boyfriend and I started playing
Sacred 2 :D You'll say: AGAIN? And I say: expansion. Yes well it was a long wait. We've played Sacred 2 more than any oner game and I got kind of fed up. Plus I was hoping The master of all games in history of games ( Diablo III) would be out by 2010 but no dice. I felt an itch for rpg so I thought let's find and play something. We tried to play Magicka but for some reason we can't make it play in LAN coop. The game "disappears" the moment we try to log on:( So we though we should give Sacred 2: Ice and Blood a go and if we got bored we'd let it go.
Hmmm well! Sacrilegious! What self-respecting
RPG geek gets bored with Sacred 2?!
Could I BE more stuck????? I mean there is something about
RPGs that make me completely addicted!

Monday today. Off I go to hand my CV to some more peeps. Hopping that by the end of April I will have a job.