April 12th, 2011


For Krista Lee :)

These pictures are taken and posted exclusively for the loveliest and coolest girl in Alaska :D

It's a store right across the street from my flat. I see it everyday and I think of you every time I pass it and see this funny collection ;) Today I finally gathered all the pictures I've taken for you and I'm posting them :D

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Where? No thank you!

I've been a bit ill. Sore throat and general weakness all over so I haven't been very active with my running and my violin practicing this past week. But today I started practice again and it felt really good. Apart from my neck that feels destroyed.I could practice more today but after an hour my neck said  CREEEEEEEEEEEEK and locked. So I was forced to a stop.
I will practice a lot during
the Easter holidays. You see, the boyfriend is preparing for his trip to Mexico with the band. Nine whole days :s  First day will be okay I guess. But then it's gonna get really boring without him :( Plus, I am worried because Mexico is not Belgium. It 's rather dangerous for "white northern Europeans" . This might sound a bit racist but it's true. South America is hardcore baby! And it scares the crap out of me! Only the fact that one has to take a shot for CHOLERA, is enough to freak the begonias out of me. I mean fucking cholera man! In the year 2011 there are places in the world that people get CHOLERA!!!  I still can't register this in my brain.
I am too spoiled you say?  Well if being away from places that can give you Medieval deseases means I am spoiled ... then so be it. I am bloody spoiled!
Call me yellow, or square, (or any other more modern name you can think of), I don't care. But I will never, I repeat, NEVER, go ANYWHERE that requires any type of shot in order to visit!!!
A little OCD, a little ADD and a little "spoiled", and there you have it. I don't have any desire to see any of those places. These are mostly places that I do not want to visit anyway so I really do not feel I am missing anything. No offense there ... but let me put it in another way ... Don't you have a friend that is a really nice, friendly, generous, beautiful human being that you like and respect, BUT, you just cannot stand visiting them because:
1. Their home smells of feet, ass, sweaty balls, garlic breath and moldy cheese?
Or ...

2. Their home is built on mud and at any time it feels it can collapse?
Or ...
3.They have really bad neighbors ... like, hookers, pimps and you are pretty sure the guy next door is a serial killer?

or ... you add to the list yourself ...
You see what I'm saying?

Whatever ... most places that I want to travel to, very few want to visit anyway. If I want to visit the South I will visit the South Pole  and that is that ...
I don't think anyone in the South Pole listens to my boyfriend's band though, so I guess I will be heading there alone ;)
(the boyfriend says that not even wild horses could drag him there hahah)