April 15th, 2011


Dear diary and some day dreaming ...

Yesterday we signed the contracts, sister mother and I.
I am a 41% owner of my mother's apartment :D We have some more papperwork but then we are ready and sweet mother is moving in on the 31st of May.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, last week I got accepted for "permanent residence" in Sweden. (something like a green card) Which means I can now apply for citizenship  to become a Swede :D
And THEN change my name.

I was going to do this today but I went out to deliver my CV to some more places and I got a bit dizzy and tired. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the "job finding" people (lol) Most of my friends think that this organization is  useless, but I don't want to leave any options out.

I'm hoping that by next year I will have a permanent job and enough money to take this trip to northern California that I long for so much! And it's okay, I don't have to have the pink Cadillac. My man does not have a license yet anyway, and I am not willing to learn to drive. Perhaps we could arrange this trip with some more people who can drive ... But then ... Ronnie and I will be the only ones drinking the delicious California wine and our friends will be angry. Hmmmm ... we need some Mormon friends who can drive. OR ... Oh no, I gotta go ... last machine is calling ...