April 21st, 2011

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen III

goodnight ...

I just had a really beautiful calm evening with sweet Sarah and Lars!
Wine and good company is a good way to start the middle of the week ;)

Ronnie says he is having the best time in Mexico!!! :) I am jealous and happy!!!
Tomorrow I am going to have a Greek Easter dinner with my mother and sister.
I am looking forward to the food. My mother makes a great soup and she alters it for me since I do not eat lamb.

Now I am having some red tea and wondering what movie to watch. hmmmmm
Maybe today is the day to watch Hellboy II again?!!! Maybe ...

Goodnight my beautiful heathens everywhere!


today ...

Walking around the flat with just my knickers on is not a good sign! It is now  TOO hot for being April! I am not complaining. I am just worried. If this is April ... then what happens in July? Should I spend the summer in Alaska instead? Or would it be the same shit? Hmmm! Loading on sun screen!
I hope my neighbors can't see me. In the kitchen the curtains are just lace so you can see in the flat. Ah well who cares. I don't have 3 boobs! As long as I don't end up naked in youtube doing the dishes :p
Off for pizza and some wine. Then, Easter dinner with the Greek family. Then Easter drinks with friends in my hood :) This is a good Good Wednesday ...

toot toot