May 2nd, 2011

the gothabilly years

Mmmm Lemonade :)

When spring arrives so nice and warm ... it is time for lemonade :D
The recipe is here 
Perfect Lemonade

(I reduced the sugar to a quarter of a cup. However, my pitcher does not fit more than 3 extra cups. This made the lemonade very strong, so a lil extra water in the glass was necessary. Next time I need a bigger pitcher or less lemons. One must experiment to get the desirable sourness and sweetness.)


Here are some pictures for inspiration.

I love my lemonade to be very sour and I love adding sugar on the glass so that I get small grains of sugar on my lips :)

the Horror years

Our Mexican dinner :D

This Saturday Ronnie made some really tasty Mexican dinner!!!! It was magnificent!!! 
He also brought this lovely Mexican drinking tradition back home. Yum!!!!
Sangrita, Tequila and lime juice! you put a lil of each in your mouth and then swallow ...
and  ... Viva Mexico :D!