June 8th, 2011

Heja Sverige

Anniversary at the Butterfly House :)

Celebrating Swedish National day and our engagement anniversary

*Lunch at Söder
*Hagaparken, Butterfly House
*Walk all the way back to the city
*Monks for super beer

That day Ronnie took over the camera and
took most of these pictures :D

* exact same spot in the winter
one more thing is exactly the same ...
my shoes
+22C or -21C I wear the same shoes
I think it's funny

I petted the crap out of those funny fishies. They were cold and slick and kind of the opposite of tender. But they made me smiiiiiiiiiiiile!


I think I pissed them of with all the petting. They probably thought I'd give them food hehe This one here is SO funny!!!

This is my favorite ...

I had a couple of those as pets when I was a kid in the old country.

Piranhas and Cat Fish.

Here I did not put my hand in the water ... these fishies are bight-y. But oh so beautifully ugly.

A couple of Lizies :D

having a snack ...

or two ...

I love pink

Mixed feelings.

This ugly lil thing was JUST coming out of its cocoon!!!!

this one was still wrinkly but it will soon be out and about all pretty and cool, creeping people out ... :p
She makes me want o write a thinking bubble. She looks so pissed.

Well you are not supposed to touch the butterflies but this one fell in love with Ronnie and she wouldn't go away.

Looking at my boyfriend's large piano hands you realize how big those butterflies are!

We had to stay in the first room for a while to cool down because the tropical room with the butterflies was inhumane ... we must have lost a kilo of sweat in there.

I really like this picture:D

Then we stayed out in the garden for a coffee and then walked back into the city.

And arrived at Monks for a couple of nice beers ...

but this is another post ... ;)

Me and my fish
bid you adjö