June 22nd, 2011


Rainbows everywhere!

Recentlywe got rainbow weather. Almost everyday the last 3 days a lil rainbow will pop up in the sky making everyone happy! But yesterday I was on the 5th floor of a friends flat and I saw the most magnificent rainbow I have ever seen! It was the brightest and most intense rainbow. Being on the 5th floor allowed me to see it in its entirety. Like a gigantic bright and colorful upside down smile, from the one side of the horizon to the other!!! But I Didn't have the bloody camera with me!!!!! >_< That made me SO angry at myself!!!! It is not THAT often one gets the opportunity to see a WHOLE rainbow! I mean I saw the END of the rainbow!! And the trees behind and under it were bathing in its colors!! It was the most magnificent thing I have EVER seen!!!!!
I was on the phone with Ronnie and at the time he was in our flat. We live on the 3rd floor and sadly we always only see a small part of the rainbow. But I asked him to take a picture of it anyway.
This is not anywhere near to the magnitude of this wondrous natural phenomenon. It is merely an idea.
But it is the best one can do leaning crookedly from a 3rd floor window.

What I really saw was something like this:
With the difference that it looked as if it was much closer to me and there was a tall yellowish (Scandinavian type) building in the middle with a red brown rooftop. So the whole thing really looked like a happy face upside down!! :D
Ah well .... next time!!!


"Falling Skies" will fall fast into oblivion. My review.

The most anticipating new science fiction TV show with a 2 episode pilot.

Falling Skies

Oh my Loki!!! What a snoozer.
1 hour and 22 minutes of pure disappointment.
Nothing happens!
And when it does, is without any point or potential for development.
Plus, it has all the ingredients to make me vomit.
Children, teenagers and ugly army men.
The children are, as always ugly and fat and sad and complain about this and that and there is always a parent missing and there is always a parent trying to make the "right" thing.
There goes 20 minutes of the show.
The teenagers are obnoxious and disturbingly stupid. Insisting on doing things no normal person would do. There goes another 20 minutes of the show.
And the army men ... well ... have a n IQ of a mango. So there is either explosions of things that normally do not explode, or embarrassing conversations about what to do and what not to do and who is going to be the leader and who basically has the biggest cock .... there goes another 40 minutes of the show, so then you
are left with 2 minutes of maybe, possibly perhaps ... some kind of a story ....

There was one scene where a dad gave a skateboard to his son as a present right? Okay so far. So now have in mind that there is a post apocalyptic thing going on. Aliens have invaded and taken over the world, okay? So now we got a group of  over hundred people who for the past 6 months are on the run from the aliens. Hungry, dirty and tired and most of them lost a loved one. Okay? Okaaaaaaay.
So there comes the scene were the dad gives to his son the skateboard and while the child plays with it, EVERYONE stops what they are doing and are just looking at this kid just rolling up and down with the skateboard.
They are looking at the child and smile as if the child had no legs and now he suddenly and miraculously grew legs and walking. Then other kids take the skateboard rolling around and people are so joyous over this. And no, they are not doing tricks. They just roll here and there. Yet everyone seems mesmerized and find it very important to sit back and look at these kids. The scene lasts for more than 2 minutes with a melodramatic background music.
I swear to you ... I threw up in my mouth a little.

WHO thinks of this crap in the year of 2011????
I don't think that this would pas as a message even in the fucking 1950s

Piece of televised crap!

I WILL however give it another chance with the third episode ... Pilots sometimes spend far too much time introducing the characters ...
Although I hated all the characters and all the actors ... all of them suck a big bag of balls!!!