July 14th, 2011


"I know I'm a Vampire Snookie!"

I LOVE True Blood!
This season started really good!
The writers have great sense of humor!
Everything is eerie and grim and all of a sudden something like this is said that makes you laugh heartily!
This following scene is from last week's episode (episode 3 season 4) 
I had to pause for a while and laugh ... it was impossible to consentrate ...

Eric: I know I am a Vampire Snookie!
Sookie: It's SOOKIE!!!


Dear diary ... respect!

This Journal is made with the sole purpose to share pieces of my life with my friends abroad. Many of my friends left my old country and are spread allover the planet. From India, to Canada, from England to China.
When I left, 9 years ago never to return, I left behind good friends, brothers and sisters who I loved and love and want to keep in touch.
LiveJournaling in the beginning was mostly sharing pictures of my new life in my new country. All the things I thought fascinating, all the things I wanted to show my friends. More like an on-line sight seeing.
Then I started sharing my hobbies and my movie reviews, since most of my friends are movie-freaks like me and one main activity was always watching movies and then talk about it for hours.
In the process however, unexpectedly and unintentionally, I met new people here. Who knew? People who share my interests and people who showed me new beautiful things. People who I now call friends!

I have obviously changed and grown meanwhile, so one might see some contradictions between my 2003 posts to my 2011 posts. But it is a journal and that is what you see in a Journal. A person growing, experiencing life and sharing those little bits and pieces they allow you to see.

So this is just a little note to my fellow readers.
I see many of you trying to post a comment and failing in the process
most probably because of LJ's new protection policies and rules.
But believe me it is absolutely necessary to screen all comments, otherwise I end up with a bot or some loser who has nothing better to do that pester other people with ridiculous messages that my intelligence does not allow to be repeated here.
It is beneath me to even mention this, however I hear your complains and see you trying, so I must tell you, you are not being ignored.

There have been however only two cases of people with IQ bellow freezing who have no life and decided to play with my balls. (One was an illiterate religious freak. And the other an unorgasmic fat lady with an inferiority complex.) But it was enough to add the extra protection from freaks in my LJ.

Even though, in some of my posts, I might offend peoples' beliefs, or religion, or country (which always labels me as a racist), and even though I might be extremely disrespectful towards certain kind of people, I have zero tolerance towards stupidity!

If you don't like me don't read me
If you have nothing nice to say then ... put a lid on it and steam in your shitty life!

The rest of you ... I see you :)
And thank you:)
And yes I know, Americans rule!

(Now,this last line only can make many antiamericans foam at the mouth and feel the need to make a hate-comment .... Trust me ... it will be ignored)

I had obviously plenty of free time this morning ... ;)