December 16th, 2011

Alexandra N.S the goth years

the store ...

The motto for the season at the store is Älska Vinter (Love Winter).
That makes me happy :D

love winter

The store

The "love Winter" register:) I am actually standing all happy and smiley behind this desk. And yes this is the time I get off.

This is a serious bunch of FUGGLY clothes

So I dressed this guy yeah? I rolled up his sleeves, unbuttoned his shirt and put on a leather vest. Next day, this is what I saw .... Was my
assemble a bit too gay for my store manager's taste or what? :p

It is really tough for me finding clothes with colors and make good looking mannequins . Colors are a whole new world for me.

I must admit that if this was cheap I would buy it and wear it alone in the apartment every now and then :D
It made my stomach tickle :D

I LOVE pink!
Someone bought it today! :(