January 13th, 2012


Dear diary ... let the weekend begin :)

13th of January. Time to put away the Christmas decorations. Sit back and enjoy the winter.
Today I have the day off. Tidying up my room. Then I get ready to go to the boyfriend's for the weekend! :D
I work on Saturday but it's ok. We'll hit the Museums next weekend! (I keep on smiling)
It is snowing rather heavily outside. SO pretty!
Hey! I'm happy!

No pubing for me for some time. I've been out 3 days in the row right after work drinking and now I feel I need to detox. Plus, when the bartenders in various pubs recognize you and give you drinks it is a sign that maybe you need to lay off the alcohol :p (the boyfriend probably thinks it's because I'm hot and not 'cause I'm a special drinker :p)
So, at Bishop's Arms the other day I had three nice beers (
thanks to the blasphemer) I've had them before but one of them never on tap. Modus Hoperandi, Nils Oscar's Christmas beer on tap, and then quite late, they put on tap Nils Oscar's Coffee Stout and the nice cute Irish (?) bartender gave me some :) So my friend bought me one more :D
It is fucking amazing. It is even better on tap!!!

Song of the day :D

" ... It’s funny, but I had no sense of living without aim
The day before you came

 And turning out the light
I must have yawned and cuddled up for yet another night
And rattling on the roof I must have heard the sound of rain
The day before you came

Ah, and now let the cleaning commence ...


second song of the day :)

familiar no?


I tried to forget you
Is it wrong to feel regret?
But how naive
How immature

I hold nothing against you
You're free of any doubt
My secret alibi
You're free of any guilt

Sometimes it feels like
The air in this world
Is not enough to keep me breathing

And sometimes it feels like
I make the same mistakes
Over and over again

Can I run from failure?
Can you shelter me?
Can you embrace my dying heart?

An ocean of doubts burying its hideous legacy
A storm awakening
A reason without doubt
Your ideology torn into pieces

Out of the depth arises what was long forgotten
Know that light was made of darkness
Days that end are never lost

Sometimes it feels like
The air in this world
Is not enough to keep me breathing

And sometimes it feels like
I make the same mistakes
Over and over again ...


Last song for the day ...

there is a guarantee with diary of dreams you´ll always  find a familiar story ...

I'm off to the south suburbs to my baby ...


I'm well aware that I should know you
And yet I feel it's not the case
It feels like talking to a stranger
I hardly recognize your voice

We live a life we never wanted
Hard to believe but it came true
We never thought that this could happen to us
Not to you and not to me

And nothing seems to make it any better
We live in memories. That's all

The dream we had is long forgotten
We walk away and don't look back
And though we shiver when we sleep at night
We have no way of finding back

Have we done all that we could have
To avoid where we are now?
Or have we known what we have done to us
And watched the dying process grow?

I really never dared to doubt you
Neither you nor your words
It is so hard to let you go now
But still I bid farewell to you

And instinct tells us that we're wrong
And still our feet keep stumbling on