April 11th, 2012

the gothabilly years

Dear diary not enough time ...

Easter dinner with boyfriend, cat, mom and ... the other people ... the day the whore saw Jesus ... or ... was it Elvis? ... whatever she saw ... well, we celebrated :D And it was indeed a Happy Monday after Jewish holiday that christians insist to defile :p

(oh and, I got a lot of nice black birthday gifts by the way, AND 2 gift certificates, one for a sci fi book store and one for a sex store. Someone knows me very well :p )

I'd like to write more, post pictures, tell funny stories (and boy I got some stories), but, work, boyfriend (that lives on the other side of town), plus, my social life, are not giving me enough time by the computer. And when I have that time by the computer, I am usually watching movies or catching up with Diablo updates (obsess much?)
I would like to take pictures of some really interesting items we got at work. Like the super 8 cameras and some really nice old projectors and slideshow machines. I am very tempted buying some of that stuff just because they look so cool :) But my work is very intense and I always have a million things to do, plus teaching the new people (who come and go all the time), so I don't have time to stand around and take pictures. But it will happen.

Breakfast awaits ... it's a nice rainy day and today there is new delivery :)

Shalom Aleichem

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

meh ...

Work was really tiresome today! Oh MY GOD there are some seriously damaged people out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I have to teach them to WORK!!!!?!?!?!?! God damn! MAN they are fucking slow .... I don't know if it is communism that did the damage ... or if it is genetic ... but it is 10 out of 10  at work right now) ...

sad musicians ;)

It's so funny when "some" think they have "it". When all they have is just friends who tell them they have  "it". 

Hmmm ... it is my favorite sin:
"I use you, to use him, so that he can use her, so that I can use you better!" ;)