July 16th, 2012

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen III

feeling greatful :)

It is impossible to find time to write here these days. I have loads and loads of pictures and I have loads and loads of stories.
But what I do not have is loads and loads of time.

Dealing with the mongos, the morons, the third world, the illiterate and the degenerates everyday pushes my limits to an extreme. Me who can not suffer fools. Can you imagine?
My mom was right. I should have become an actor. Fooling people everyday to the point they think you "like" them, when in reality, you could snap their neck like a twig and feel no remorse whatsoever
(if you could get away with it), might give a masochistic satisfaction but it is fucking exhausting.  I am physically and mentally drained. In my private life though, thank Elvis, I am very selective. I dismiss people who are not worthy of my time.  (you can't handle the truth punk). However, I seem to be doing pretty good choosing people around me. I must say I have great friends and some pretty damn great work mates. 

Today, it is the 10 month anniversary, since I met my lovely boyfriend (who is on his way now bringing foods and drinks to celebrate). It feels so long yet so short. But one thing I know, he makes me a better person everyday. So I am pretty blessed and very happy and feel the need to say to my friends far and wide, spread in every bended curve of this planet ... THANK you for being around bitches :)