November 28th, 2012


Old phone 4 New Phone 1

So yesterday I used a smart phone for the first time ever.
I decided to give in and have 2 phones while trying the "new" technology ... at least in the beginning.
My friend Sam let me borrow her old Sam for the experiment ;)
So far it's fun but ... just that ...
It takes me about half an hour to compose a message.
3 out of 5 times I can't answer the phone
Yes ... new low ... when it rang for the first time I panicked ... I pressed and pulled and squeezed and yelled at it ... but I couldn't answer.
And worse of all ... the battery lasts barely a day so I can't really talk on the phone ... so ... it is not really a phone is it?
When it dies after 2 calls.
I guess I will have one smart (my ass) phone to play around. And one real phone for calls.
OH yeah!!! Plus, I can't make the damn alarm clock to fucking work.
My trusty old bagatelle woke me up today!

Old phone 4
New phone 1 (ok if I count the internet and games it would be new phone: 2 But I have no games in yet and I got internet only at home for the moment :p)
Still, it IS fun. I admit it ;)