May 9th, 2013

the goth years III

FOCUS god damn it!!!!

I can't seem to be able to concentrate in one thing.
So I thought I will write a bit here to collect my thoughts.
I am trying to do 4 -5 things at the same time.
Make music.
Find sound samples for a new project.
Write new lyrics for the last two segments in my demo.
Find out how to make large amounts of decent looking blood for the experimental video we are shooting soon.
And play with my latest photos I took with the "new" camera.

I jump from one thing to the other like a confused wasp in autumn.
If the laptop crashes now I am royally fucked (which might not sound as a bad thing, but try to think of the negative interpretation of a royal fuck).
Focus focus. What was I trying to say here?

Oh yes, I seem to have millions of ideas and everything is happening at the same time.
I'm up since 08:00 and everything is falling out and into place every 10 minutes.
There must be a pill to make you FOCUS on ONE motherfucking thing. But I don't want to medicate myself.
A lil wine maybe?
Mmmm wine... is it after 12:00 yet?

Oh I might need to instal that fucking music program but I don't know if the laptop can take it.
Am I hungry now?
Fucking great! Now I have to think about THAT also?
Why do we have to eat everyday?
Ahhhhhhh stop it.
Where is my mind?
Everywhere it seems.
Is it spring?
What the fuck is it?
I have to find a way to do ONE thing at a time ... this is fucking impossible.
I need some discipline.
Oh f a n t a s t i c !  Now I got to thinking of "other things" connected to discipline.
God damn it!

God damn it!
Is it hot in here?

Ok I WILL start with the blood research and ... oh LOOK .... a birdy!